Friday, August 31, 2012

Australia: Qantas airmail labels 4

I just recently received couple very rare airmail labels from Australia's Qantas airways. The labels are in nice red color and was issued before 1930's.

Year: 1925, Gummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - AUS-B-4d, perforated H 11, V strips of 6, blak/red, 6******

Year: 17.4.1929, Gummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - AUS-B-7a, imperforated, intended for mail by 1.flight Brisbane - Charleville, 17.4.1929, black/bright red/white, 6******

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

France: Air Orient full sheets of airmail labels

Today i received 2 very nice and complete sheets from Air Orient, France. Both sheets are still in very good condition despite how old their are.

Year: 1930, Gummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - FRA-B-25, perforated 11, sheets of 64(4x16) or 48(4x12), black/light grey-green, 4****

Year: 1930, Ungummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - FRA-B-28, rouletted, booklets with 10 sheets of 25(5x5), issued for customers in French Indochina, red/white, 5*****

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bosnia and Hercegovina: Airmail labels 2

Here is another airmail label from Bosnia and Hercegovina. Not sure but i think this one is the recent label.

Year: ?, Self-adhesive. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - BIH-A-?, imperforated, black/dark blue,