Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ukraine: Priority label

here is my first label from Ukraine. Thanks for my friend Suzan from Denmark for sending it for me! I've no idea if this new or old design label. It's quite big in size so possibly it's for parcels or big envelopes. If there's any Ukrainians reading my blog, let me to know more about this or other Ukrainian labels. Send me an email or just leave a comment under this post.

Year: ?, Self-adhesive.


  1. This type of airmail is more expensive - a letter is processed first, and faster delivery than conventional air mail
    Self-adhesive - Yes
    year?? At last year, in the post office I saw such labels

  2. Hey Aleks,is there any other aimail labels in Ukraine beside this priority one? Maybe some older labels after indepndent from Soviets?

  3. About old Ukrainian labels I'll ask some friends philatelists.

    Look this lot http://col - this first day cover 2011