Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ciskei: Airmail label

Here is the only airmail label issued in Ciskei.

Ciskei was a Bantustan in the south east of South Africa. It covered an area of 2,970 square miles (7,700 km³), almost entirely surrounded by what was then the Cape Province, and possessed a small coastline along the shore of the Indian Ocean. The name Ciskei means "on this side of the Kei River" (cf. Cisalpine), and is in contrast to the neighboring Bantustan of Transkei.(wikipedia)

Year: approx.1982, Ungummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - CIS-A-1, rouletted H, V strips of 10,
greenish blue/white, 2**


  1. What I like about airmail labels is that they include images of their national symbols, like that one showing a bird which I think is the national bird of Ciskei, South Africa. Other countries only use PAR AVION or AIR MAIL, or even pictures of an airplane.

  2. Hi, yes only few countries have nice airmail labels. Like Fiji, Papua New Guinea or Bophuthatswana. Thought some old labels even this plain text on them look more attractive than today's labels!