Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canada: Jack V. Elliot airmail labels

Here is a very nice,old and rare airmail label issued by Jack V. Elliot.

Jack Elliot, was a pilot in the western Ontario area providing passenger service and flights for thrill seekers in the early 1920's. By 1925, he had his own flying school and by purchasing partially completed aircraft, managed to complete his own aircraft.

Due to the hardships supplying men and materials in the northern Ontario mining regions during the mid 1920's, Elliot started an air service with 2 small aircraft fitted with skis. 

The post office also took advantage of the service by allowing mail to be delivered at the cost of 25 cents for each letter carried. 

The service lasted from March 6th to March 25th 1926, when the spring thaw made landings too dangerous.

A private label or "essay" in blue was designed but was rejected by postal authorities in Ottawa. Stamp CL6 replaced the essay stamp.

CL 6 issued issued March 6 1926. The design consisted of the company name and a series of zig-zag lines.

CL 7 issued issued March 25 1926. Essentially the same design except the background was changed to swastikas. (

Year: 25.3.1926, Gummed. Günter Mair's catalogue no: - CAN-C-?, perforated 11 ¾ (imperforated labels exists), sheets of 8(4x2) or 16(4x4) with 4 pairs tête-bêche, dark red/yellow/cream
CL7 - swastikas background

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